Three Especially Popular Dishes When Caterers in Singapore Serve Up BBQ

Catering never needs to be boring, especially in Singapore. Singaporeans are famous the world over for how much they love food, and local catering companies compete fiercely to provide a correspondingly high level of service.

Looking into affordable BBQ catering services in Singapore, for instance, will reveal menus that dazzle with the tempting, delicious dishes they include. A quick look at some of the most popular options will make it clear why so many in Singapore look forward to events that include BBQ-style catering.

A Great Way to Cater Many Events

There are plenty of types of cooking that can be suitable for catering, especially for particular kinds of events. Grilling up meats and vegetables to order at a BBQ station is one option that makes for a notably versatile and appealing style of catering.

While not every gathering will naturally mesh well with BBQ catering, quite a few do. Some of the kinds of dishes that most often end up being popular when BBQ catering is available are:

  • Black pepper chicken. Grilling chicken over high, direct heat lends it a smoky flavor that just about everyone finds appealing. Freshly cracked black pepper complements this character in a way that makes chicken stand out even more. Simple seasoning mixes that include black pepper as the main ingredient can also be used with other types of meats that benefit from assertive treatment when grilled.
  • Teriyaki beef. The Japanese glaze called “teriyaki” incorporates soy sauce, rice wine, and sugar to produce an instantly recognizable flavor. Teriyaki can be applied to just about anything that might end up on BBQ grill but shines especially brightly, as far as many are concerned, when lavished upon beef. Tender cuts of beef that cook up quickly turn teriyaki sauce into something unforgettable.
  • Sweet corn. Whether grilled whole in the husk or cooked up in rounds, ears of sweet corn help make many BBQ catering stations popular, as well.

An Especially Delicious Type of Catering

Dishes like these inevitably receive rave reviews when they are cooked on a BBQ by catering experts. Catering can be as exciting and delicious as any other type of dining, as companies in Singapore prove quite consistently.