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Benefits of Owning a Shot Peening Machine

It is very important for any business to preserve the life of their machinery and for them to get assurance that it will run efficiently and effectively. There are in fact various processes of which would make this possible and one of it would be through shot peening machines where it is one of the most effective and is a cost efficient way.

Shot peening is the process to where it is made to help enhance the fatigue strength of machines that are prone to high alternating stress. The surface treatment procedures like bending, grinding, milling or perhaps heat treatment procedures will cause tensile residual stress which then leads to low life cycles on the machine’s parts.

With shot peening, it will convert tensile residual stress to a compressive residual stress that will lead to an increase in the life cycle of the parts and its maximum load capacity.

Shot peening is a cold working process that is used in producing compressive residual stress layer and in modifying the mechanical properties of the metals. This will impact the surface with a force that is sufficient in creating plastic deformation. By peeing a surface, this will spread it plastically which will cause changes in its mechanical properties of the surface.

There actually are various features of a shot peening machine. Some of the primary features that it has would be flexible loading and unloading mechanisms, fixed or travelling guns and adjustable media and air pressure, holders and locking bolts and gun rods.

The primary benefit with shot peening is to where the prevention of the cracks or the delays on a highly tensile stressed component. The operational tensile stresses can be altered to a life enhancing residual compressive stress which will help to extend the life of the component.

A compressive stress is made when the impact of every particle of the shot of the component will produce a small indentation. When a surface has been dented, the material that’s beneath the dent will be compressed. Peening will not only generate one dent, but all over the surface. The component then will be encased in a compressive strained layer.

The benefit to this is that it has been proven to give parts a much longer and a more measured operating life just like in aero engines and structures. You can find reputable manufacturers of the machines that are used in peening and blasting. For you to strengthen a certain material, a singular or perhaps a multiple nozzle is pre-set in a certain angle and also on a certain distance, which will depend on the desired finish. Take note that different machinery is suited for various industry needs.

When buying a shot peening machine, take note that this will depend on the production size, manufacturing process and others more. Like other machines, it also requires maintenance, which is why the selection for an efficient shot peening machine is very important. You also could find some manufacturers that offers online consultancy and will provide aid in buying the right machinery and will help you train as well.


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