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Procedure For Making Doll Shoes

Sewing is not the only process of making doll shoes. Sewing is the reason many people get discouraged from making shoes. There are various ways and steps you can follow to make the shoes without sewing. You can make butterfly boots when you follow these guidelines. First thing is to start by gathering the materials. You can create a list of the materials you need. It helps you obtain the materials in advance without interruptions. Some of the materials you will need are stated below.

Vinyl is easily found in the market. You will need very little time to obtain it. The material is also affordable. You do not need a lot of money for this job. You should buy what is fairly priced. One thing that people need to know is that, a product is cheap if the material did not cost a lot of money. You should always consider the cost. There are those that prefer leather. You can make use of good leather straps because they are beautiful and durable too. The local stores sell leather. Trim come in different types. Grosgrain works for some people with others preferring braided and sequin. There is also the cardboard. There is cereal type. Cookie box also create high quality.

There is no way you will make the doll shoes without foam. All you need is 6mm. The nearest craft stores will have foam. Just buy the size required. Less material is dangerous because you might make ugly shoes or fail to complete the process. Along the way, you will need glue. You can opt for rubber cement. It should be used with pre caution. You should only use it if you are working in a room with good ventilation. Glue should not be applied in plenty. Too much will be visible on the shoes. Do not leave out scissors and leather puncher or hobby knife because you will need them.

The initial step is to cut patterns. You can cut the soles. Do not forget the foam and vinyl too. Cardboards should be cut to suit the size you need. It is the right time to punch holes for shoe lace. Leather puncher is the right object for the job. Cut outs are done with hobby knife. Cardboards and soles are joined at this stage. Gluing the front part of each sole removes gaps. You can now join sole and foam. Pressing for some minutes remove gaps. The trip and foam need to be glued together. Always use the correct measurements of trim. The glue is applied on the ends to close them.

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