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We all know many people who have in prison for a crime they committed or did not commit. Most of the people who are being imprisoned does not mean they are guilty, you can be in position but you are still innocent. It is a good thing to support those who have been in prison since they also give but to communities their experience in prison and this can as well be written in books for people who are interested to read them. It not an easy journey to be in prison and later get your freedom and this is what makes most of exoffenders to inspire people by writing books. As an individual’s who have a little knowledge about prison, you need to help others who are interested to know your story and this can well be done using various means of inspiring people like books and others. Being in prison always requires one to make an effort to make it to the last day when they will get their freedom back, majority does not make that possible, and they may also have a story to tell, but unfortunately only those who get out of prison are able to write down their inspiring message, which can either be recorded audio and later be transferred to books.

Around the world people are being prisoned without being found guilty and this is what causes a lot of pain knowing you did not do anything but you are held in prison and your freedom has been taken away. Different communities across the world has always been able to listen to those exoffenders because their messages always inspire, being in prison means your life has stopped immediately until the day you will be able to acquire your freedom back and sometimes some people are even poisoned for life which makes everything to change. Being in a prison there is a procedure that must be followed since you can be prisoner without being taken to court and a judgement is given. The courts always act according to the evidence and convincing the judge and once the final judgement is made there is nothing you can do either you are guilty or not. Before you are put in prison, it is a journey that you will have to fight back with the help of attorney but if you fail to win you will be judged according to crime you committed or not and this is a must in every case to have a judgement.

Buying books that talks about prison life is a good idea as you will be able to understand exoffenders what they go through in prison. Their stories are incredible and you should get a book to read and know everything when your freedom is taken way from you. Many people make mistakes to judge exoffenders when they are free there and this is not a good thing to do and instead you should support them in return. You can visit reentry to learn more about exoffenders and the free books.

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