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Do you feel an issue with the piping system in your home? There are many innovative ways in which plumbers can fix your pipe without having to dig a trench in your back yard.

Many people are turning to trenchless plumbing as a practicable solution. As part of the common methods, there are two access points which are identified by the plumber at both ends of the pipe. Additionally, an epoxy pipe lining is used in strengthening the pipe, preventing root intrusion while repairing any damages.

Below we have highlighted factors should consider before scheduling an appointment for trenchless repairs cured in place repairs.

1. Saving Costs

It is costly to have an excavator dig a trench in your yard. Apart from increasing the labor costs related, it also leads to the destruction of your yard for a simple repair. A number of licensed plumbers are capable of performing a perfect pipe bursting repair without having to dig up a trench leading to huge savings.

There are a couple of installations which are related with the trenchless plumbing on the pipe line lined with an epoxy sealer. The toxic nature of the epoxy sealer prevents the intrusion of rodents and roots. This ensures that your pipe is protected from potential future damages.

2. Protecting Your Yard

The access to your pipelines is easier with trenchless plumbing eliminating the need for digging trenches into your yard. It is hard to retain the yard to its original space with the landscaping when a trench is dug up. With trenchless plumbing, you are able to maintain your yard while still fixing any pipe repairs needed.
3. Assessment of Damages

With the advancements in technology in plumbing, most plumbers perform video pipe inspections when preparing for repairs. This is through the use of a special camera through the piping system. With the use of the camera, it reveals of potential damages to the pipes. It becomes easier for the plumber to discover the problem and carry out the needed repair. In case the pipe blockage has been found out, the plumber takes the necessary steps in removing the blocking item easily and efficiently.

4. Prevention of Root Intrusion

It is natural for the roots of trees to grow towards underground water sources near the pipe. This leading to incurred costs relating to drain line cleaning when the intrusion happens. The cured in line piping prevents root intrusion due to the application of the epoxy sealer.

Hence, you do not need to worry over blockages since the culvert lining maintains the pipes for a long term. The new and advanced culvert liners features no joints or seams for infiltration of tree roots.

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